AL BADER Trading


Since 1992, AL BADER International Trading has been providing the Abu Dhabi market with a wide range of products and equipment dedicated to construction.

With a market more and more demanding but also very sensitive to the quality and the professionalism of the service offered, AL BADER International Trading has specialized its activity into Safety items and Oil & Gas equipment.

By being the agent of the most recognized brands in their specific fields, AL BADER International Trading is ensuring its clients the supply of the best quality of materials as well as the highest standards of performance.

AL BADER International Trading has agency agreements with International companies for the supply of large scope of products dedicated to the oil & gas, military and public industries, such as safety gears, Occupational Health & Air quality monitoring equipment, instrumentation items, Bird expulsion netting system, Laboratory Equipment for petroleum testing, Laboratory equipment for Civil Engineering, Laboratory equipment for industries, Laboratory equipment for forensic, Educational & training equipment, Surveying instruments, slick line tools etc.

AL BADER International Trading mission:

AL BADER International Trading aims at becoming one of the reference trading company in Abu Dhabi related to Safety and Oil & Gas equipments.

Scope of activities:

  • Safety gears
  • Safety equipment
  • Instrument valves and fittings (Oil & Gas)
  • Building materials
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Petroleum Testing
  • Environmental Equipment
  • Educational & Training Equipment
  • Surveying Instruments
  • Slick line tools

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